About Us

Who We Are

iO Agency is a full-service digital marketing and web development company located in Downtown St. Petersburg, FL. We are a boutique agency that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs leverage the power of the internet to increase sales and profitability. We specialize in B2B services, with a focus on website design, content creation, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Our approach is to build a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for each client that includes organic and paid campaigns. We help you acquire more leads through SEO and SEM campaigns, convert those leads into customers by improving your website design and creating engaging content, then manage your social media presence so that you can engage with your customers on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

We’re not just another company trying to sell you something. We know how hard it can be for small business owners like yourself to grow their companies without help from someone who knows digital marketing—that’s why we’re here! Our goal is to help you grow your business, by providing services and resources that will make your work easier and more profitable.

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Meet The Team

Maher Khamiss

Founder & CEO

Napo Ghonda Jr.

Chief Technology Officer

Kara Eckmann

Project Manager

Stacey Foster

Business Dev & Sales

Why Us

Attention to Detail

We pay extreme attention to detail on every project. We pride ourselves on the quality work we deliver.

Proven Process

We follow proven processes and procedures to help us streamline the process and deliver results.

Expertise and Knowhow

We got this. We have over 45 years of combined experience in design, web and digital marketing.

Personable and Friendly

We’re a bit nerdy, quirky, and just love what we do. Let’s rocket it and have fun too!